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This section of TCMFD.com is not (necessarily) associated with any Twin Cities Metro Fire Departments.  It is a collection of photos I originally assembled for a stand-alone Internet site that I never completed.

Fire units get into vehicle collisions and meet other untimely ends from time to time, often with tragic results.  Let this section of the site be a reminder to:

Emergency Personnel -  to be careful and responsible out there.  People depend on you and trust you to keep them safe during your response, and to arrive where you've been called without incident.
Civilians (other drivers) - to be aware and respectful of emergency vehicles, being attentive, granting right-of-way when needed, and taking no chances when something is coming "code three".

Click any thumbnail below for a full-size photo.  Please email submit@tcmfd.com if you have photos you wish to add.  Identifying features have been removed or disguised as much as possible.

images/001.jpg (25068 bytes) The driver of this heavy rescue rig lost control for unknown reasons and clipped a utility pole before the unit rolled to its side.  Three firefighters received very minor injuries.
images/002.jpg (15478 bytes) Tanker lost control while passing another vehicle, water shift caused rollover.  Two firefighters received minor injuries.
images/003.jpg (134303 bytes) Responding tanker slid off hill into deep ditch, two firefighters injured, one of whom was airlifted.
images/004.jpg (87691 bytes) Pumper-tanker with less than 4,000 miles on the odometer veers across all lanes of interstate highway and falls off of embankment for unknown reasons.  Three firefighters injured.
images/005.jpg (19906 bytes) A car crossed the median line and struck a ladder truck which was not in response mode.  One firefighter suffered minor injuries, the car driver was killed.
006.jpg (38568 bytes) A "tillered" aerial apparatus entered the median to avoid suddenly slowing traffic on an interstate, jackknifed and rolled at least once.  Three firefighters were injured.
007.jpg (14865 bytes) An ambulance carrying a four year old patient and his parents (who were trained caregivers) veered off of an expressway, struck a tree and rolled.  The patient's mother was killed, the patient, patient's father, an attending EMT, and the driver were all hospitalized.  A second fatal accident occurred in the resulting traffic backup.
008.jpg (39473 bytes) Tire tread separation is suspected in this multiple rollover crash that killed the 88 year old patient and injured the driver EMT and attendant paramedic.
009.jpg (18687 bytes) A rural engine responding during extreme storm conditions veered off the road and overturned.  Two firefighters were slightly injured.
010.jpg (29262 bytes) A heavy rescue unit responding to a working fire broad-sided a car while crossing an intersection, no information on traffic signal status was available.  All three passengers in the car were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. 
011.jpg (81598 bytes) This engine company was stopped by a building after a collision with a bus. There were no serious injuries.  The placement of the sign on the building was somewhat ironic, though.
012.jpg (78081 bytes) One of four accidents to impact this department on what became known locally to them as "Grand Slam" day.  The events of the day prompted a drastic change in the department's response policies
013.jpg (97864 bytes) My record of this collision does not note fault, traffic signal status, or deaths/injuries, though clearly the situation was dire for the driver of the car.
014.jpg (108942 bytes) This engine company was severely damaged by heat exposure at a warehouse fire.
015.jpg (57872 bytes) This engine company was badly damaged internally when it was driven into standing water in an attempt to attack a fire during extreme flooding conditions.  It operated under these conditions for some time before failing.
016.jpg (110934 bytes) Two fire engines responding to a call that later was determined to be a false alarm collided in an intersection.  One of the engines then hit a car.  An eight-month pregnant woman, her four year old son, and twelve firefighters were injured.
017.jpg (8381 bytes) A car with two occupants pulled in front of a responding ladder truck, and was hit.  Both occupants were hospitalized with non-life threatening conditions.
018.jpg (27653 bytes) While responding to a structure fire, this engine slid through a stop sign at an intersection, hit the edge of the road and overturned.  The two firefighters on board were trapped as a small fire broke out on the truck.  The staff from another engine following behind was able to extinguish the fire and extricate the trapped crew members, who were not seriously injured.
019.jpg (61541 bytes) This engine was broad-sided by a pickup truck that clearly lost the battle of physics, the engine was hit near the rear axle and had moderate cosmetic damage.  No information on injuries, fault or traffic conditions was available.
020.jpg (28962 bytes) This engine slid on black ice and rolled three times.  The operator, a professional truck driver, was not wearing a seatbelt, and was thrown from the apparatus.  Miraculously, the apparatus was airborne in its third flip when it passed over the driver, coming to rest only two feet away from him.  The driver was released from the hospital after two days.

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